Cosmelan Depigmentation + 3 LED Sessions

Cosmelan Depigmentation + 3 LED Sessions

“Incredible results. A must have treatment”
Stacey M

Cosmelan Depigmentation + 3 LED Sessions


Discover the power of depigmentation

Cosmelan is a depigmentation chemical peel treatment that dramatically reduces unwanted pigmentation in the skin, such as dark spots and melasma. Our experience therapist at Skin Divinity have extensive training in achieving ultimate results.

  • Includes three LED sessions for enhanced results
  • Visible improvement can be seen within weeks of treatment
  • Provides a more even and radiant complexion

Cosmelan has been clinically proven to be effective in reducing pigmentation, and many patients see visible improvement within weeks of the treatment. We use advanced techniques and technology to deliver customised care and optimal results, with a focus on personalised treatment and thorough aftercare support.

Requires consultation – call our Nobbys or Byron Bay clinic for a consultation and more information.

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Customer Reviews

From our customers

Deanne S
I am extremely pleased with the results I have achieved in such a short time since discovering Skin Divinity. My skin has never looked better
Georgia L
I just want to say a massive thankyou to all of the girls at Skin Divinity. I had my first treatment last week and I am blown away by the changes in my skin already! I left with that "after treatment glow" but didn't expect the ongoing difference in the condition of my skin. I'm excited to come back and work more on my pigmentation. You girls should be very proud of such a beautiful, knowledgeable clinic!
Johansen C
The only place I would ever go to for my skin. Amazing and professional staff. I always leave with my skin feeling and looking amazing. Highly recommend



Cosmelan is a leader within the skincare industry due to its highly effective and customisable nature. Its clinical efficacy in reducing various forms of pigmentation, versatility in customisation for individual skin
types, and compatibility with combination therapy such as LED sessions make it a popular and trusted treatment among skincare professionals

The amount of downtime required for the Cosmelan treatment can vary, but patients typically experience some redness and irritation immediately after the treatment, which subsides within a few hours to a few days. Over the next several days to weeks, the skin may peel or flake as part of the healing process.

After the Cosmelan treatment, it's essential to follow specific aftercare instructions provided by our therapist. Generally, use a gentle cleanser, soothing moisturiser, broad-spectrum sunscreen, and healing ointment or cream. Avoid harsh exfoliants, products with AHAs/BHAs or fragrance, direct sun exposure, tanning beds, or other sources of UV light.

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