The Skin Divinity Philosophy That Sets Us Apart

  1. The Space

“It’s so pretty”, are often heard words as our clients walk in through the doors at Skin Divinity. There is a soft pink couch, plants, beautiful dried flower arrangements and pastel coloured treatment rooms. Our staff too have ditched their scrubs in favour of a more welcoming, warm look. Making these choices was easy. I didn’t see why sterile had to look “clinical” for lack of a better term. I want all of our clients to feel a warmth when they walk into Skin Divinity. To have an experience that is rich with pleasing sights and gentle soothing scents.

It can be a nerve wracking experience for clients coming in for the first time to seek help for their skin and I wanted them to feel welcomed and at home as much as possible. We cater to every type of client at Skin Divinity, from high-profile, to long-term local, to transient tourist. Having this aesthetic has set us apart. By being locally owned and run we have the freedom to be different, to showcase not only through our practise and our approach that we have an open mind, an open heart and a desire to help but to let this extend to the overall look and feel when you first walk in.

2. The Staff.

We have state of the art technologies at our fingertips at Skin Divinity Cosmetic Clinic. We perform the most advanced dermal therapies available. Our therapists of course, must be highly-trained with the utmost expertise but there is something else I look for when hiring. Kindness. I look for a therapist who is armed with extensive skin and ingredient knowledge – but this would be worthless without a caring approach.
Luckily, I have found that the therapists who are truly passionate and have the highest skin knowledge have usually gotten there because of their empathetic nature and desire to help others. Our therapists have often battled their own skin conditions and feel extremely rewarded in their professions by being able to help others feel confident and comfortable in their skin.
One of our head therapists says, “having the time with my clients to fully understand their needs, to see the happiness they feel from the results I get for them and making them feel incredible about themselves is where my passion lies. I have formed such a strong bond with my clients and the trust they have for me makes my job incredibly fulfilling day after day”.

Having the unique experience of growing up in Byron Bay, I know the clientele here well. I have also trained extensively in the major cities, of which Byron Bay sees more and more new residents from each year. It is essential for me to provide a space where no one feels to intimidated to come in yet a high-end feel is maintained. My staff and I continually train in and try both established dermal treatments and new treatments on the market. We continue to offer the best through a strict adherence to providing the best results. We don’t follow trends. We offer the therapies we believe in and the therapies we see work. A huge factor in this is ingredient quality which is reflected by our relationships with companies and product lines whose philosophy is in line with our own.

3. The Philosophy

At Skin Divinity we have no interest in the “time-belt” approach to appointments. We don’t want to simply “smash out” appointment after appointment. We have set up our appointments to allow each client to have the time that they need to feel comfortable, to be heard and for our therapists to have the freedom to customise each session to give the most benefit to their client. This extends beyond the clinic where our clients have ample opportunity to benefit from our service. They receive texts or follow up phone calls, they are free to DM us on Instagram, send photographs and talk over any of their concerns without fear of time constraints.



Not only do we want our clients to obtain the best possible professional results but we want to arm them with knowledge that will empower them once they leave the clinic to continue to seek out the best for their skin. This includes educating them on the condition of their skin and recommending a thorough product and treatment regime. It may also include recommending them on to work with us in conjunction with a naturopath or any other holistic approach that best encompasses and treats the entirety of their concerns. I truly believe our therapists can’t get the absolute best results for their clients without taking this time.
How does this effect us? Positively. Our staff have an amazing rapport with their clients and our results are phenomenal. This leads to true long term clients who feel supported by us which has the knock-on effect in a small town such as Byron Bay of continual new clients who wish for the same level of care.

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