LED Light Therapy

Healite ll™ LED Light Therapy is a useful add on to all aesthetic treatments. It can be used pre and post all surgical and non-surgical treatments for an enhanced recovery. LED light is soothing; decreasing pain and reducing acne. Targeting deep into the skin cells to heighten their internal functions LED light photo-stimulates dermal blood flow, inducing faster healing.


– Painless, Non-invasive, Risk-free
– Safe and effective for all skin types
– Encourage wound and cellular healing
– Increases blood flow to the wound
– Relieves pain and stiffness in joints
– Decreases the risk of bruising
– Decreases recovery time
– Pain Management

How it works: Light activated rejuvenation targets specific skin concerns utilising different wavelengths of LED (light emitting diodes). Each wavelength of LED supports a different function of the skin and benefits all skin types. It is specifically designed for age management, fine lines and wrinkles, mild to moderate acne, hyper pigmentation and sensitive or sensitised skin.

Our LED treatment gently enhances the body’s natural cellular recovery by increasing blood circulation. LED treatments improve wound healing, help relieve muscular pain and aches as well as contributing to a deep state of relaxation both during and after your treatment.

Ask your Specialist about this treatment & how it aids other skin treatments in recovery.

Acne Control


Banish blemishes with this powerful acne facial. Reveal clear, lustrous skin as blue LED targets acne while red LED helps rebuild skin.

Anti – Inflammatory


Soothe stressed skin with this skin relaxing facial. Soothing yellow LED combined with Green light to ease inflamed, stressed, or reactive skin.

Photo Damaged


Sun worshippers take heed! Powerful Green LED combines with soothing yellow LED to help fight sun stressed and spotted skin.

Post Laser


Help rebuild and calm laser treated skin. Yellow and Red LED combine to restore skin and help speed the healing process and any down time.

Age Defying


Light activated rejuvenation will help erase the signs of ageing in a gentle and effective way. Powerful red LED combines with soothing Yellow LED to leave you skin refreshed, luminous, and firm.



Dry, reactive skin is a thing of the past! red and yellow LED combine in this moisturising facial to leave skin supple, hydrated, and glowing.

Pigment Minimising


Green and Yellow LED will help erase the signs of hyper pigmentation in a gentle and effective way. Powerful LED combines with cutting edge ingredients in ACCELERATE brightening, to leave your skin bright and spot free.