5 Questions With Stacey & The Friendly Pirate

Stacey Allen and Ash Keillah, a.k.a “The Friendly Pirate” met six years ago but we met these two smitten sun-kissed kittens when they first started visiting us in the Byron Bay Skin Divinity Clinic one year ago. As Ash says, “ I was originally dragged here by my fiancé, now weekly I’m dragging her here to get every treatment under the sun”!

Ash swears by some good old TLC in the Skin Divinity clinic for both men and women and we love to lap up their crazy cute vibes while Ash laps up lots of LED therapy for his “sun damaged melon” (his words, not ours!).

We know the pair have been cooking up a storm on My Kitchen Rules in between Wedding Planning so we thought we would ask them a few questions about skin, love, and how to balance it all!

1. What are your absolute favourite treatments at Skin Divinity?

My all time favourite treatment would have to be the LED light followed by the hydrating mask – it leaves my skin glowing!

2. Do you have a skincare home routine and if so what products do you use?

I don’t use any of the products at home – eek don’t hate me haha. I use Mukti natural cleanser and serums.

3. Will you be doing anything different to your skin in the lead up to your wedding to prep your faces?

Oh we’ll be amping up the LEDs for sure! Ash loves a DMK mask too it’s been great for his redness and sun damage so I dare say he’ll be booking himself in a few times!

4. How strongly do you relate to the saying “balance is the key to life”?

Oh 100%. This is something Ash and I follow religiously. We tend to live pretty healthy and active lives and sometimes being on the road and having so many flights it all gets a little too much so to be able to take the time out and have a little pamper and restore that balance is absolutely key.

5. You guys cook together, get treatments together … is sharing those passions the secret to a happy relationship?

Yes yes yes. We literally spend 24/7 together and it just works! Ash is my best friend and I honestly couldn’t imagine life without him. Getting to spend every day with your best friend is pretty special so I feel really lucky.

We can’t wait to see these two tie the knot and we love seeing their skin function at it’s utmost optimal level in the lead up to the big day! The pair do travel a lot so we recommend lots of hydrating products for them like Aspect Hydra Shield, as well as Masks, LED, and definitely Epi Blading in our Byron Bay Clinic right before the wedding to remove any dead skin or fuzz for perfect make up application. As Stacey says, “My skin has honestly never felt or looked better. These girls can seriously do no wrong”.

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