5 Questions With Sally Mustang

Sally Mustang – painter, yogi, lover of self, sexuality, art, nature and most of all – lover of LOVE. As one of our gorgeous, regular clients we wanted to see what Sally had to say about her relationship to her SKIN. Since committing to looking after her skin around 8 months ago Sally says her skin is literally glowing and she has seen amazing results in reducing her pigmentation and hormonal breakouts. One of our favourite parts about treating Sally was her complete trust in our expertise which allowed us to always work with what Sally needed most and get her skin looking like PERFECTION for her wedding day! 🙂

1. What are your absolute favourite treatments to have done at Skin Divinity?

I love getting Dermapen as I have seen such quick results with it and anything hydration based as my skin loveeeess it.

2. Do you have a skincare home routine and if so what products do you use?

I use mostly light organic products for cleansing and moisturising and Osmosis Vitamin A serum each night from the clinic.

3. What extra steps did you take to get your skin wedding ready?

Haha I was at Skin Divinity nearly two times a week leading up and the girls did all sorts of magic! I have never had more gorgeous skin in my whole life.

4. How strongly do you relate to “balance is the key to life”?

Balance is everything.

5. What does self love mean to you in regards to skin care?

My journey with a skin care regime and regular visits to Skin Divinity has been all based around self love. I think loving and looking after your skin is so important, it means choosing you and taking time for you. You can see when someone is glowing from the inside out.

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