5 Questions with Alexz from Hustl

Alexz Parviainen is a wild, dedicated, little firecracker of a client whom we have had the pleasure of knowing and glowing this past year. She is the owner of the highly clamoured for Hustl studio in Byron Bay and we know it’s no coincidence that the dedicated attitude she applies to business, motivation and exersize has also seen her grow leaps and bounds with the health of her skin. We have seen amazing transformation take place in only 6 months and we wanted to share her honest and inspiring skin journey with you!

1. Can you tell us a bit about your skin struggles?

I have struggled with anxiety and depression for over 6 years. My diet is extremely healthy, I don’t drink and don’t smoke and when my skin started resembling margarita pizza I honestly felt hopeless. I did for many years not realise how much stress can take a toll on your skin but believe me baby it did it’s damage. Just picture both sides of my cheeks, red dots with a small layer of cheese. Sorry for the graphic it was in that time in my life the most accurate description.

2. What are your favourite treatments to have done at Skin Divinity?

I had tried everything, everything. I stopped getting the relaxing facials and peels and asked the girls do to whatever they thought would help and so I was left with the two most painful facial options yet – Dermapen and DKM Enzyme. If you want to fix your scar face it’s not going to be all roses. These girls really went all in they know their stuff and how to get results. Honestly my face looks like a baby’s bum. I have never been a skin girl, and now that’s my thing – my glowing skin.

3. Do you have a skin homecare routine? Please spill! (What products do you use?)

To be honest not really, (Jo don’t kill me..) I had explained to the girls that I really want all the damage to be sorted so it’s not dependable on constant treatments. I’m no 6 face scrub 3 moisturiser kind of girl. I have one face wash, one face cream & the treatments on their own have made this homecare still efficient and super simple.

I use the Osmosis Purify and the Aspect Redless day time and night.

4. How strongly do you relate to the saying “balance is the key to life”?

Oh my goodness girls, common we live in Byron. We all know this – there’s a reason we live in this pot hole, beach surrounded little paradise & that’s because a majority of us, including myself want to live all parts of our lives equally – work, play & the rest of it.

5. What other practices do you do that keeps your skin/mind/body healthy?

Drink water – there’s a reason everyone says it’s. It’s not some made up advice, you want long hair, drink it. You want nice skin, drink it. You want strong nails, drink it. You want a house, a boyfriend, a cat, drink the water. Just drink, it.

6. Anything else you would like to add?

That you guys have changed my confidence and the way I look at pizza. Honestly my face has never looked this good, to remove scaring and bring something so absolutely ruined back to life has honestly changed mine. Forever grateful for you girls. ❤️

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