5 Ways To Look After Your Skin During Pregnancy

There are a few common skin conditions that arise for a lot of us when pregnant! You may be wondering how to treat them and whether it’s safe to do so. Some of us are lucky enough to have that unconditional pregnancy glow for the whole 9 months but for others the road is a little bumpy (pun intended)!
We have done a lot of study into pregnancy safe treatments and products and are so happy to be able to offer some super safe options with amazing results.

1. Chloasma/Melasma – hormonal pigmentation.

Avoiding sun exposure is the first step to take if you’re suffering from this facial pigmentation, also known as “the mask of pregnancy”. Chloasma presents as blotchy or patchy darkening of the skin usually on the forehead and cheeks, which sun exposure can heighten. You are not alone in suffering this condition. We treat many women who endure this in pregnancy (up to 70% of pregnant women get this!) and it’s important to know that whilst there are no medical implications for Chloasma (it isn’t itchy or sore and is not contagious or an allergy) the cosmetic effect isn’t pleasant, can be long lasting and there are safe treatments that will help.

Treatments: LED light therapy, Lactic Peels, Vitamin A infusions and Dermapen are all pregnancy safe treatments that we use to treat Chloasma. They will have undoubtable effect in reducing or removing your pigmentation especially when combined with the correct home care.

Products: Osmosis Correct (this is the only type of Vitamin A that is safe during pregnancy as it has NO retinaldehyde), Aspect Pigment Punch, Aspect Extreme C, Aspect B17, Aspect Hydra Shield (has sun protecting benefits also) and Osmosis Rescue.

2. Pregnancy Acne/ Breakouts.

It’s not you, it’s your hormones! Unfortunately for some of us hormonal changes mean unkind skin changes too. The ones responsible for this are called androgens. An increase in androgens cause the glands in your skin to produce what’s called “sebum”. Sebum is an oily waxy substance which in turn clogs pores and creates bacteria growth and inflammation. Acne was no fun as a teenager and is even less fun when pregnant. There are a number of things we do to help pregnant women who suffer it!

Treatments: LED light therapy, DMK Enzyme Therapy and Skin Peels (with the salicylic removed) will noticeably improve your skin – healing, cleansing and treating the imbalance alongside some amazing products you will need to use at home.

Products: Osmosis Purify, Osmosis Clarify, Aspect Jungle Brew, Aspect B17 and Aspect Sheer Hydration.

3. Stretch Marks.

Oh stretch marks, how they plague us! For good reason, your body is expanding and stretching. We want to be grateful for these marks … we are, kind of. But if we could do without them? Yes please. There is not much we can do to STOP stretch marks happening. A huge proportion of why they happen is actually thought to be genetic but the best thing we can do is ride them out until pregnancy is over and then we can asses after birth. We have seen amazing results using Dermapen to treat stretch marks but best left until we can see how they have healed after birth!

4. Dull/Dry Skin.

Some of us get it. Shiny, thick hair. Strong nails. Glowing complexion. For others, pregnancy has left us behind. Us. The ones who get the, “Oh you must be having a girl! You know what they say … ? Girls steal your beauty … ”
Pregnancy can cause our skin to appear duller and dryer than usual. It can also cause people to make inappropriate remarks! There are a number of amazing glow-ifying ways we can treat your skin and get it thriving at an optimal, healthy skin level.

Treatments: Dermapen, Osmosis Vitamin A infusion, DMK Enzyme Therapy and LED light therapy all do wonders for your skin, hydrating, brightening and anti-ageing.

Products: Aspect Gentle Clean, Aspect Extreme C, Osmosis Stem Factor, Aspect Phytostat 9 and Osmosis Correct.

5. We get a lot of people asking what treatments they can continue or start during pregnancy. There are a whole range of pregnancy safe treatments that we offer on top of what is listed above. There is no reason you can’t treat yourself to some skin nourishment when pregnant. We have a multitude of treatments including Epiblading, Microdermabrasion, Peels and Medi Facials which can all be safely administered during your pregnancy.
If you have any concerns you can speak to your esthetician at Skin Divinity who will be happy to talk you through it and explain how our treatments work and what else we offer that’s of no risk!

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