DMK Enzyme Therapy


DMK facials work on the deeper layers of the skin, internal functions and structures, as oppose to relaxation type facials which are only dealing with the surface layer of skin. Restore skin to peak condition.

from $249

– Transdermal delivery system

– Enriched Circulatory System

– Exfoliant

– Creates Plasmatic Effect

– Enzymes don’t penetrate the skin, they activate it

– Products are stored in the skin for up to 8hrs

– Reverse Osmosis

– Lymphatic system drainage

DMK products are pure botanical paramedical grade • 80-90% active ingredients. Humans have the same genetic blueprint as plants, which means that we respond positively to the chemistry we recognise. DMK utilises that same genetic blueprint to actively promote systematic changes using ACTIVE, natural ingredients. Through reverse osmosis a back flushing action is activated which forces fluid through the membranes around the cells flushing out impurities (such as those caused by sun damage or trauma). You’re left with a clean, clear, healthy environment for cells to thrive and function at an optimal level.

For more information about DMK Enzyme Therapy please call Skin Divinity Cosmetic Clinic 02 66857021.