Cosmelan Treatment

– #1 Most Effective De-Pigmentation Treatment.
– Treatment includes 6 LED sessions and all aftercare products.


Cosmelan is a type of chemical peel used to reduce unwanted pigmentation in the skin. The treatment includes two product applications; in clinic and home care treatment. The treatment can be applied to a variety of skin locations, including face, neck, hands and legs, and effectively treats hyper-pigmentation, melasma, acne scarring, and other discolouration of the skin. Cosmelan works by inhibiting melanin production, which is responsible for dark pigmentation seen on the skin.

The Cosmelan treatment includes a one time in-clinic peel and 8 weeks worth of homecare products. Clients will need to continue on the recommended homecare for a total of 6 months then continue using a tyrozinase inhibiting homecare regime ongoing after this to prevent the return of the pigmentation.

Treatment requires 2 weeks of down time and a consultation prior to booking.

For more information about Cosmelan please call Skin Divinity Cosmetic Clinic 02 66857021.