Rehydrate & Refresh


Having flawless, glowing, youthful and enviable skin are all of the qualities we are trying to achieve by taking care of our skin!


Here at Skin Divinity Cosmetic Clinic we know exactly how to achieve this for you. Give your skin the rejuvenation it deserves with one of our specialised skin facials. These treatments are ideal for those that feel their skin is looking dull and lifeless – keep your skin looking hydrated & refreshed.


For the best results, we recommend having an exfoliating Microdermabrasion or Skin Peel treatment before your Vitamin Facials to remove dead skin from blocking healthy cells absorbing the active nutrients.


    An excellent refresher to help refine and hydrate your skin, express service for the busy person.


– Deep Cleanse

– Exfoliation

– Vitamin Infusion

– Hydrating Masque


    A beautiful treatment for all skin types to help diminish signs of premature ageing.


– Deep Cleanse

– Enzyme Exfoliation

– Extractions

– Lymphatic Facial Massage

– Vitamin Infusion

– Hydrating Masque

For more information about Vitamin Facial Treatments call Skin Divinity Cosmetic Clinic on 02 66857021.